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CSM: Function


The Society, in cooperation with its members and partner institutions, offers various intensive courses, whose subjects and scopes could be tailored to the needs of customers. Courses can be prepared for the lay public, students, graduates or people already working in the field.

Courses offered:

  • Computational mechanics – dynamics: prof. E. Malenovský, VUT Brno
  • Dynamics of rotating machines: prof. E. Malenovský, VUT Brno
  • Vibration measurement and analysis: prof. E. Malenovský, VUT Brno
  • Interaction of bodies with fluids: prof. E. Malenovský, VUT Brno
  • Technical diagnostics: prof. E. Malenovský, VUT Brno
  • Experimental stress analysis: ing. L. Houfek, VUT Brno
  • FEM in engineering computation – basics (statics, dynamics, thermal loading): prof. J. Petruška, VUT Brno
  • FEM in non-linear tasks (contacts problems, plasticity): prof. J. Petruška, VUT Brno
  • FEM in non-linear tasks (plastics, rubber, visco-, hyper-elasticity): prof. J. Burša VUT Brno
  • Thermal processes in electrical machines and equipment: ing. Radek Vlach
  • Noise problem solution in plant (sources, propagation, prediction, measuring, elimination): doc. Karel Pelant
  • Modelling of kinematics and dynamics of systems of bodies: prof. C. Kratochvíl
  • Mechatronic technical systems: prof. C. Kratochvíl
  • Mechatronic systems modelling (mechanics+drive+control): ing. R. Grepl
  • Modelling in Matlab-Simulink, SimMechanics: ing R. Grepl
  • Deterministic oscillation of linear continua – (2 days): Prof. Dr. Ing. Jan Dupal
  • Stochastic oscillations of discrete and continual systems – (2days): Prof. Dr. Ing. Jan Dupal
  • Modal methods of analysis and synthesis of oscillating mechanic systems – (1 day): Prof. Ing. Vladimír Zeman, DrSc.
  • Mechanics of composite materials - (2 days) Prof. Ing. Vladislav Laš, CSc, Prof. Ing. Milan Růžička, CSc.
  • Mechanics of fatiguing of materials and engineering methods of lifespan predictions of structures: prof. ing Milan Růžička, CSc, ing. Jan Papuga, Ph.D
  • Nonlinear dynamics and chaos – (1day): prof. ing. Josef Rosenberg, DrSc
  • Training of experts for IT support of development and utilisation of modern materials – POMENEM – guarantor: prof. ing. J. Rosenberg, DrSc
  • Solving of selected applications in the theory of elasticity; ing. Dusan Gabriel, Ph.D
  • Solving of geometrically and materially nonlinear tasks MKP: ing. Jiří Plešek, CSc
  • Selected topics from continuum mechanics; Ing. Jiří Plešek
  • Crash course in Computational Mechanics – (2days in Czech or English): prof. ing. Miloslav Okrouhlík, CSc