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CSM: Introduction

Czech Society for Mechanics

The objective of the Society

  • To support the development of mechanics by promoting fundamental research and enginneering applications and disseminating new concepts among the mechanical community.
  • To guide the Society members to major problem solving.
  • To develop prognostic activities and to organise, deepen and coordinate cooperation of our members.
  • To provide assistance to Society members in their specialised activities.
  • To raise the expertise level of Society members providing information about the state of the art in the field.
  • To contribute to raising the level of expertise of novices.
  • To furnish specialized establishments with new ideas and impulses.

Information about CSM

In the interests of the development of the field of mechanics, the Czech Society of Mechanics was established on the 31st of March 1966.

The Statutes of the Society

The Society is non-governmental non-profit scientific organization. It was established according to the Law of Associating of Citizens No. 83 of 27.3.1990 and is at the same time a legal entity. The Society is governed by the Corporation Charter and electoral system.


  • Application form for the Prof. Babuska Award.
  • Application form for CSM membership.
    PDF, DOC
  • Collective membership agreement.
    PDF, DOC

Expected events and topics